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SAP India has been the undisputed market leader in the Indian and global enterprise software market. In order to keep pace with the growing demand of SAP skilled professionals within the country and outside the country, SAP Ecosystem requires more trained SAP professionals. SAP offers a broad range of qualified training courses through its network of Authorized Training Partners only....more

Why SEED SAP Training Academy?


SEED Infotech Ltd. is a leading technology training provider since 1994. As an authorized SAP Education Partner, SEED Infotech has decided to change the rules of the games with its world class quality training and customer experience to the SAP ERP professional community in India....more

SAP Education: The Most Sought After Education for Employability

The Global delivery model (GDM) by partnering in low-end IT processes and leveraging offshore resources has been the feature of Indian IT services. However this model is at risk of commoditization and diminishing labour cost arbitrage. The primary route to sustainability for Indian IT services firms therefore is around moving up the value chain to provide more valuable services such as consulting and systems integration.

SAP education prepares the candidate to work exactly in this employment space of system integration and consulting.