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Duration 5 Weeks
Course Description
Module Codes Number of Days
e-Learning Learning Hub Not applicable
VLC TADM10 10 Days
VLC TADM12 10 Days
VLC TADM51 5 Days
Certification C_ TADM51_740 3 Attempts + 3 Attempts
  • Any Graduate / Post Graduate with 0 to 8 years of experience in Networking, System Administration, Installation / Backup / Monitoring or any relevant experience
Batch Timings Monday to Friday, 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Syllabus (in brief)
  • SAP Systems
  • Navigation Basics
  • SAP User Interfaces
  • System Core
  • ABAP Administration Fundamentals
  • Fundamental Concepts of Java
  • SAP Portfolio Overview
  • SAP Start and Stop Procedures
  • AS Java Start and Stop Procedures
  • SAP System Configuration
  • AS Java Basic Configuration
  • Software Development in SAP Systems
  • Technology Components for Browser-Based User Dialogs
  • Advanced System Configuration
  • User Administration Fundamentals
  • User and Authorization Administration
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Communication and Integration Technologies
  • RFC Connections
  • Java Connectors and Destinations
  • System Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Overview and architecture of SAP systems
  • Preparation for installation
  • Installation of SAP Solution Manager
  • Planning for installation
  • Installation of SAP ECC (AS ABAP)
  • Installation of SAP XSS (AS Java)
  • Post-installation activities
  • Installation of SAP GUI
  • Software Maintenance using Software Update Manager (SUM)
  • Output Management
  • Configure Background Processing
  • Configure SMTP-based Communication in AS ABAP
  • Introduction to SAP Software Logistics
  • Setting Up an SAP System Landscape
  • Creating and Exporting Transport Requests
  • Importing Transport Requests
  • Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)
  • Client Tools
  • Configure and Use Central User Administration
  • Database Overview
  • Backup, Restore and Recovery
  • Monitors and Tools
  • Space Management
  • Oracle Cache Management
  • Monitoring of the Database Instance
  • Application Design Analysis
  • Index Management and Optimization
  • Cost-Based Optimizer
  • Analysis of Physical and Logical Layout
  • Memory Configuration Analysis
  • Wait Interface and Automatic Workload Repository
  • Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository and Histories

SAP Basis describes the fundamentals of the administration of the SAP system. It includes installation, configure, update, patch, migrate, troubleshoot any technical problem on SAP system and manage all the daily operations for that specific SAP system or system landscape. Basis area emphasizes the administration of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System - or simply the database SAP system is using), client-server architecture and the SAP GUI. Moreover Basis defines the interface between the system components and the Basis components, which includes also the development platform for SAP applications and data dictionary. System administration, user administration and monitoring tools are also features of the Basis components in the SAP system.

SAP Basis Certification

The certification proves that the candidate has the fundamental knowledge, the pre-requisite understanding of BASIS and he also able to apply these skills in a practical manner under the supervision of a project lead.